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$2,000,000 Min. Raise
$10,000,000 Max. Raise



A blockchain based gaming community platform, breaking down the video game industry’s prevailing barriers and opening up new opportunities for all game developers and gamers.

The New Era Of Gaming


How BlaCat Will Disrupt and Revolutionize Gaming

Developers’ profits are being squeezed by publishers at a time when game development has become extremely complex due to the need to balance user experiences for both free play and paying users. At the same time, players are spending more and more money on items to advance in the games, which are not portable and decline in value over time. Blockchain technology facilitates the development of an ecosystem that delivers a majority of the revenue to the developers, provides financial support for certified developers and an open source SDK that allows them to bring their games to market quickly. It also allows gamers to retain full game asset ownership and a transparent game economy with a trustworthy peer-to-peer virtual exchange marketplace.


FunJumping, Inc. (“FunJumping” or “the Company”) is developing BlaCat, a scalable and comprehensive blockchain video game environment for every style of game, including real-time strategy, massively multiplayer online, and turn based, and every major operating system. BlaCat eliminates third party publishers, letting developers keep the majority of their profits. With no special blockchain programming knowledge required, BlaCat’s offers developers an open-source software development kit based on the NEO blockchain technology, provides speedy payments and gameplay, easy monetization of games and digital assets, crowdfunding opportunities and ingame advertising. Just as important, BlaCat gives gamers ownership of their digital assets via a user-friendly wallet, providing for a transparent game economy with a trustworthy peer-to-peer virtual exchange marketplace.


BlaCat Solves Key Issues for Developers and Gamers. BlaCat delivers the majority of the revenue to the developers and allows gamers to retain full game asset ownership accordingly.



Collaboration with NEO Public Blockchain

NEO provided FunJumping with US$2M. BlaCat collaborates with NEO to promote the ecological development of blockchain technology, establish blockchain game standards, discover potential game developers and games.


Use of Proceeds

Blockchain Technology to Usher in a New Era of Gaming

The gaming industry has undergone several major shifts with the most recent being the transition from pay-for-time to free-play/pay-for-items in the 2000s. FunJumping believes that blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the gaming industry once again by creating a new game economy “pay-for-assets” that solves the major problems inherent in the current free-play/pay-for-items model.


         Target in 5 Years

  • Gamers/Users 100M+

  • Game Developers 3000+

  • Annual Income Over 5B usd

BlaCat has launched the platform and is currently working with 10 developers, putting it a step ahead of others seeking to enter this space. Given the early to market opportunity, the Company plans a global launch with an initial focus on key gaming markets in China, North America and Europe.

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Meet the BlaCat STO/DSO team

Robin Xiao

Worked for the well-known gaming companies Shanda, Ourgame and iQIYI PPS. As GM of the iQIYI PPS Game Business Division he built the iQIYI game platform, which has been one of the top performing game platforms in China.

Merry Song

Over 15 years of gaming industry experience. Led Marketing, Sales and BD teams. Built first Overseas Dept of Ourgame which earned¥2M CNY in gross profit during its first month; successfully acquired 100M+ new players without a budget in 2013; Generated over $3M revenue for WPT CHINA. From 2016 as the CMO of SMZY.CC, and generated $3 million in revenues within 3 months.

Sean Chen

Led the development of top game 3D and Web3D engines. Since 2009 he has had abundant entrepreneurial experience in the video gaming industry completing the R&D of multiple game products that have reached total revenues of ¥600M CNY. Some of these games include MU (奇迹来了), RO (仙境物语) and Yulgang (热血江湖).

Anthony Morberg

A CFA Charterholder who has served as an Investment Director for over a decade. Led investment activities and coaching initiatives to facilitate capital investment into LACIs (Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator). Publisher of the ‘Just Impact’ report and impact framework. In the overseas markets, he has led negotiations and financial model creations for $100M Syndicated Debt Financing with HSBC and SCB. Additionally, he ushered the pre-marketing and drafting prospectus for a $295M IPO in Hong Kong.


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